Youtube DL-GUI Downloader is a free windows user interface for the command line program YoutubeDL:


Features :

- YoutudeDL is inclued, you only need to unzip the program where you want use it, click on YoutubeDLGUI.exe to launch graphical interface.

- Update YoutubeDL, in options, click on Update and it will update YoutubeDL (not YoutubeDL-GUI).

- FFMPEG in inclued, because when downloading in HD, it can need to separatly download sound and video and recreate one video file.

- Addon to add menu to browser to automatically add url of webpage or link to YoutubeDL-GUI (see below)

- Add links to you browser personnal toolbar to direct add video to YoutubeDLGUI, add theses javascript links to the url of new bookmarks in a folder named "YoutubeDLGUI" on your personnal toolbar or anywhere you want in your bookmarks (you need to launch YoutubeDLGUI 1.3 one time before to automatically register the protocol to use this function):

  • "Add URL as Playlist":  javascript:window.location="ydlgui:playlist::"+(window.location.href)
  • "Direct Download Video":  javascript:window.location="ydlgui:startdownload::"+(window.location.href)
  • "Direct Download URL as Playlist":  javascript:window.location="ydlgui:playlist::startdownload::"+(window.location.href)


And many more options like save subtitles, thunbails, save playlists, automatically check new video on playlists at startup, ...

If the video can be downloader from youtube with the message "unable to extract video data", it's because it's blocked in your country, try to see the country where it's available and use a VPN.


Addon for Edge/Chrome

An addon to add simple menus to browser to automatically add page url, url of link, ... to YoutubeDLGUI :

To add it to your browser, you need to enable developer mode, and add it from the extension window (main menu / extensions )


Informations about Auto Update :

[Note: Repository is now again available

The autoupdate fonction from YoutubeDL and Youtube DL GUI don't work becauseGithub deleted YoutubeDL repository because rich people don't want you to save data and make backup. ]

You can automatically update YoutubeDL (and NOT the main YoutubeDLGUI program), go to options tab, the update section, and to the update button on the bottom left.


You can update manually youtube-dl.exe :

Go where you installed YoutubeDLGUI, download last youtube-dl.exe version on and replace the old youtube-dl.exe by the new downloaded version. It's recommended to save the replaced version of youtube-dl.exe , to a folder like "Old-youtube-dl".

You can find here a PDF copy of the ReadMe Github Page explaining how to use it:

Cache Version on the Web:




The program is made and tested on windows 10 but it maybe can work on others windows version.

How to update from older version:

There's no automatic update for YoutubeDLGUI, you can decompress the folder where you want, and copy from the older version the "cfg" directory to the new installation dir or use in options tab the "import cfg options dir" button.


1.3 / Windows 10 (~70mb)


1.1 / Windows 10 (~70mb)


1.0 / Windows 10 (~70mb) :



Change Infos

1.3:  Added function to add videos from browser toolbar javascript links

1.1 : Minors bugs fixes, more menu options, checkboxes in the list of videos to select multiple video to download.



1.0 Main Program Window

1.0 Options Window