Youtube RSS Feed show in the url bar a icon when on Youtube to easy bookmark the RSS Feed of the channel and other options, because youtube don't show the RSS feed link on every channel.

Options to select the actions to do when a click on the button (right click in the button to set the options):

- Open RSS Feed

- Bookmark RSS

- Bookmark Channel

- Bookmark Video URL

It will create a bookmark folder for a type of bookmark (RSS in "Youtube RSS", Channels in "Youtube Channels" and videos in "Youtube Videos"), you can move the folders anywhere in your bookmarks, like in your personnal toolbar (under adress bar toolbar) for easy access.


Download :


Screenshots :



Change Logs:

 - Add menu to right menu to choose action when click and quickaction: Open Rss Page,  Add Bookmark for RSS,  Add Bookmark for video channel page.

- add option to menu to stop youtube redirection when clicking links, it will load the link without loading youtube redirection url
- options set with menus are new saved
- add option to save youtube video url in bookmarks folder Youtube Videos