insert_link_72 Easy copy links from webpages with a lot of options, like copy tag A, href, img, and many more ! Option to automatically bookmark copied links, copy tabs links, ...






- Version: 1.4


Older Versions :


Logs / Changes

  • 1.1

- Show notification when links are copied

- Menu Displayed in Submenu

  • 1.2

- add option to bookmark links when copied to folder "Copy Links"

- add toolbar button and options for click on the button

- add partner link in options


  • 1.3

- In a page with frame, now its copy all the links of all the frames by default

- add custom menu options

- add option (bookmark only) to make bookmarks only of links without copy them

- add sessions links to menu and options page to save/copy all links saved during session

- add shorcut option for toolbar button, defaut set to Ctrl+F10

- changed bookmark display: the hostname is not displayed in the bookmark title url because

- add menu to copy a & text links at the same time

- optimized speed with page with lot of urls (like sitemaps with 50000 urls)

- added infos notifications for bookmarks

  • 1.4

- options to change link formatting with mouse click (left, middle,right, CTRL) and toolbar button

- menu to open website sitemap

- copy link with options added to picture, frame, link, bookmarks, bookmarks, video, sound.